The weather is feeling milder, the evenings are getting lighter and the flowers are blossoming which can only mean one thing - Springtime is here. Through our many years experience of travel, we’ve always noticed a pattern each year that spring is one of the most popular times to start researching and booking a summer holiday.

Well, we have some advice for you - don’t! Yes that might seem a little strange, but trust us. Don’t book a summer holiday this year - book the journey of a lifetime instead. Why? Here are our top five reasons…

  1. Let our customer reviews speak for themself.
    Like this one from David and Anne Lamb, “It’s like having a well-travelled friend who puts together the sort of trip they know you would love”. That’s exactly what we do. We take the hassle and stress out of travel, so you can just relax and enjoy every minute, knowing that everything is perfectly organised and taken care of. Our team carry a huge passion for worldwide travel and we believe every journey our guests take should lead them somewhere unforgettable. Our guests enjoy perfectly planned itineraries that encompass all a destination has to offer. But most importantly, we love to share our knowledge and experience with our guests, providing them with incredible, authentic experiences. That’s exactly why we always receive such lovely, positive customer reviews! You can read more here.

  2. Life is too short to settle for a boring and predictable holiday.
    Why not take this opportunity to tick something AMAZING off your bucket list this year? You could see lions and rhinos in Africa, or great big grizzly bears in Canada. You could kick back on a beach in Costa Rica, or walk along The Great Wall of China. Experience India at its beautiful best, or go on an arctic wildlife adventure. Life is too short not to see the magnificent sights of the world, and we’ll help you plan your perfect bucket list-ticking trip - take a look at our incredible destinations.

  3. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that we’re looking after security and safety.
    Nobody wants to travel somewhere they feel unsafe. Worry and anxiety can easily ruin a trip, but our extensive experience and expertise provides you with fantastic safety knowledge and advice. Beyond that, our local knowledge provides you with detailed information regarding your specific destination. For complete peace of mind, prior to your journey we will send you more in-depth advice regarding particular safety procedures to be aware of when arriving at your destination. By doing this, our guests always begin their journey in complete confidence.

  4. You’ll be in great company!
    At The Big Journey Company, you are welcomed by friendly and highly experienced people who are ready to make every moment of your journey unforgettable. Two groups of people create the fantastic Big Journey Company global team - our team of escorting staff and the office staff who support them.
    Our office team ensure your journey is perfectly planned from start to finish and that you have all the information and advice you require prior to the first step of your amazing journey. Our brilliant ground agents form the second part of our global team who will be ready to meet you at your destination. These local guides provide our guests with extensive, detailed local knowledge that ensures you enjoy everything your destination has to offer. One day we hope to introduce you to our team across the world, but for now meet our UK-based journey escorts here.

  5. There’s something for everyone.
    Our journeys are divided into three activity levels to indicate the level of mobility each escorted tour requires - making it even easier for you to find the perfect journey of a lifetime.
    Level 1 - involves some moderate physical activity over short periods of time, such as short walks, on relatively level surfaces and gentle terrain.
    Level 2 - requires moderate physical activity. You need to be able to participate in physical activities such as longer walking tours, walking over uneven terrain, climbing steps and be comfortable with some periods of standing. Not suitable if you have limited mobility.
    Level 3 - involves a high level of physical activity over an extended period, in terrain that may often be uneven, slippery and steep. You would be expected to carry your own backpack and equipment. Not suitable if you have limited mobility.
    If you have any questions regarding mobility please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team before booking.

We hope those five fantastic reasons have convinced you to book the journey of a lifetime this summer, and we’re sure our incredible range of glorious destinations around the world will help to serve as inspiration.

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